10 Best Music Videos of 2015


This was a GREAT year for music. Even though music videos may not mean as much as they did 15 years ago…I think this year proved that a great music video can still be effective. Here is my list of the 10 best music videos in 2015 based on different categories.

10. Jeff Rosenstock – Nausea (Best Special Effects)

Who brings a knife to a confetti vomit party? Hey, wait. Where was my invite?? Great use of blood and seriously, I’ve never seen a crowd of people puking confetti.

9. Waxahatchee – Under a Rock (Most Original)

Looks like something you may have seen on MTV in the 90’s. Katie Crutchfield brought lo-fi back in 2015! I can almost hear Matt Pinfield introducing this video…

8. Action Bronson – Baby Blue (Best Costumes)

“The man ordered 8,000 chicken nuggets…now that’s a CHAMPION!” Cosby Sweaters + Baby Blue Blazers…The many faces of Action Bronson.

7. Matt and Kim – Hey Now (Best Choreography)

Kim’s dance moves are as infectious the beat on this song. This video just makes me smile and it’s basically just one continuous shot of Kim dancing…What else do you want??

6. Teenage Bottlerocket – They Call Me Steve (Best Animation)

The band found a kid on the site Fivver who does Minecraft animations. They sent him their song about the video game and got this awesome video! I love the internet.

5. Raging Idiots – When I Grow Up (Most Inspirational)

Oh you don’t listen to kid’s music? Well, watch this video and try NOT to SMILE! The message works if your 3 or 30 and It’s kind of my theme song…

4. Front Bottoms – Cough It Out (Best on a Budget)

Proof you don’t need a lot of cash to have a cool music video. Great song + Go Pro = DIY

3. Adventures – Heavenly (Best Design)

First of all…GREAT SONG. I dig the colors/weird Claymation which gives it that 90’s throwback vibe.

2. Modern Baseball – Rock Bottom (Best Director – Kyle Thrash)

MoBo always has great music videos and this is up there as one of their best. Kyle Thrash also directed the music video for “Your Graduation” off this same album.

1. Pup – Dark Days (Best Concept)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a touring punk band in 2015? Well, it’s not as glamorous as you might think. This video tells the story with the help of some great animation.

© 2016 Mike Deestro