NEW MUSIC: Six Forty Three by Mike Deestro


My goal for 2016 is to write, record and release a song every month! I’ve been playing and writing music since I learned how to play guitar when I was 12. I’ve played in punk, indie, and acoustic (solo) bands. I’m pulling from all my influences in this new project.

Here’s my first song for this year called “Six Forty-Three”. A peek inside a one-sided relationship where the other person is left laying around starting at the clock.

Listen below and let me know what you think. – Mike


LYRICS // SIX FORTY -THREE // mike deestro

Six forty-three, you’re lying next to me.
I’m waiting anxiously…for you to tear me up.
Cups in the sink
Bottles across the ground
and I’m craving caffeine now.
You’re nowhere to be found.

You always let me down
You always let me down

Seven Forty-Five, apartment as cold as I
was waiting all last night
for a devil in hazel eyes
who always lets me down

You always let me down
You always let me down

© 2016 Mike Deestro