Top 5 Netflix Stand Up Specials


If you’re like me…you’re still a little bummed out after binging “Making A Murderer”. I’ve spent the last couple weeks going back and forth on how I feel about that documentary. I almost want to watch it again to see if it ends differently the second time…(NOPE!). I also made the mistake of watching a couple of bummer movies after that and realized I needed something FUNNY to lift my spirits.

So I’ve spent the last week or so scouring Netflix to see what they had to offer with stand-up comedy.
It’s pretty awesome how many Netflix Original Comedy specials there are right now! I think they’re becoming the new HBO special for comedians.

Here are my Top 5 Netflix stand up specials that are currently streaming.

(Note: Language…obviously!)

5. Tom Segura – Mostly Stories

If you’ve spent as much time as I have scrolling through Netflix in a desperate attempt to find something to watch…you’ve probably stumbled on Tom Segura’s face from his other special “Completely Normal”. I’ve always seen it in passing but didn’t watch until my friend Callie recommended him to me. Pretty funny! I’m not sure what comic I would compare him to but he reminds of the guy at a party who always has some sort of elaborate story…hint the name of his special “Mostly Stories”.

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4. Demetri Martin – Live (At the Time)

Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch stand-up because I have a short attention span. What I like about Demetri Martin is his set is just a stream of funny/random thoughts and quick bits. You won’t get bored! Every time I watch his stuff I’m like, “what didn’t I think of that?” or better yet, “how the the hell did HE think of that??”. He’s great and not your traditional stand-up comic.

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3. Aziz Ansari – Live at Madison Square Garden

I’ve been a pretty big Aziz fan since his first special “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening”. He’s one of the funniest people out there! If he’s in it, I’ll watch it no matter what. I also thought it was cool that he was originally going to film this special in Toronto until he had a conversation with Chris Rock who told him to film at Madison Square Garden. I mean…how could you not listen to Chris Rock?? BUT if you haven’t seen his show “Master of None” yet…watch that first!

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2. Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

You may recognize him from Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. He’s another one of those comics that I’ve always heard good things about but never checked out. This special is great. It gets really intimate and personal…at times it doesn’t even feel like comedy. He’s a great story teller and I love how this special is crafted. It takes you through some big ups and downs…some that really hit close to home for me. I may have almost cried.

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1. John Mulaney – The Comeback Kid

I heard about him back when he was a writer for SNL. He also had a TV show (Mulaney) on FOX…though it didn’t do so well! But now he’s one of my favorite comedians! He’s quick, goofy, animated and hits you with joke after joke. I still laugh every time I think about his bit about running out of space when writing HAPPY BIRTHDAY on a sign. Seriously, I can’t remember a special I’ve laughed harder at. If you only watch one special from this list…MAKE IT THIS ONE!

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