My 6 Anticipated Albums in 2016


Ok! I think I’m caught up on all the best stuff from It’s time to look forward to all the new music coming out this year. Here are 6 albums I’m looking forward to in 2016 and what I know about them so far…

6. PUP

Release Date: Late Summer 2016

PUP has been at it NON-STOP since releasing their self-titled album in 2013. Seriously. Constant touring which has lead to quite the buzz. They are one of the most beloved bands out there from fans of all kinds of music. Not only are they incredible live…but has anyone mentioned how many awesome music videos they have?? That really won me over personally! So there’s a lot to live up to with a follow-up album. The new record is expected to be heavier, angrier, and more in your face.

5. Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost

Release Date: Late Spring/Early Summer

The guys hit us with a tease via their “The Perfect Cast” EP in October…so we have an idea of what to expect on their new album. Sounds darker…maybe more mature? It seems like they’ve been through a lot since the major success of “You’re Gonna Miss It All”. Frontman, Brendan Lukens, had to take a step back from the band for a minute to get back on track health wise which led to cancelling some tour dates. I’m interested to hear how that all plays out on the new record.

4. Now, Now

Release Date: ??? (In-the-studio)

I still listen to their album “Threads” (2012) all the time. It’s great..but where have they been?? Right now, there aren’t very many details about this new album. According to their Twitter profile…they are IN THE STUDIO. Other than that, all we have is this clip the band posted to Instagram. 4 years later, it’s gotta be good, RIGHT?

Beginning #NNLP3

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3. Blink 182

Release: Summer 2016

There was so much drama surrounding Tom Delonge leaving Blink 182 last summer. I followed every story line to that whole situation. My favorite moment was the first series of shows they played with now guitarist Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio). That was so exciting! Then once I saw they were hitting the studio with him I was like, “Awww yeah…It’s ON!” They’ve been busy in the studio and now a new album is expected to drop sometime this summer. I have NO idea what to expect…but can’t wait. Hopefully some tour dates will follow.

2. Lemuria

Release: Late 2016??? (In-the-studio)

I’ll be up front…they’re my favorite band! Their last album “The Distance is So Big” came out a few years ago and I’ve been itching for a new one. I tweeted them with my concern and they assured me that there will be some details soon!

It looks like the new album has been demoed and they will start playing shows again in May. Can’t wait to have them in my ears again.Seriously, this makes me happy!

@alex_kerns #hands

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1. KANYE WEST – Swish

Release: February 11, 2016

You never know what to expect from Kanye..that’s why he is my favorite rapper. Every album has a completely different sound. I’ll admit that it took a while for “Yeezus” to grow on me but after seeing him live in concert…it made sense! But I have to say I loved “Real Friends” + “No More Parties in LA” on the first listen. I feel like Kanye is back to remind everyone of his authority. I think everyone is ready for him to be back on top again. My friend, Kyle Kohl from Stage Banter, is a long time fan and says that he will be taking a few days off from work when this album drops. I hope the album lives up to that hype. Kanye says it’s the “best album of all time”…

– Mike

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