7 Tips to Get Healthy in 2016!


Last year I met my goal of losing 100 pounds. The biggest thing I found was that without getting my diet right…it didn’t matter how much I exercised. That’s what kept me from losing weight in the past. This time around, I eased myself into it by removing the foods that were doing me the […]

3 Albums That Shaped My Life


In a world of “you’re only as good as you’re last single”, I still enjoy listening to full albums. I remember growing up and going to Hastings (entertainment super store) to get a new album on the day it came out. I would breathe in that new paper smell while studying the lyrics and liner […]

5 Best Halloween 90’s Episodes


I was never big on Halloween growing up. I mean of course I always went Trick-or-Treating but my costumes were always lame! What made it fun was fun going with friends/family, houses that went all out on decorations and FREE candy (Mr. Goodbar please). But more than anything I always looked forward to sitting in […]