SXSW 2016: Top 3 Artists To See!


SXSW is here! It’s my favorite time of year to live in Austin. It’s unlike any other festival because your experience is what YOU make it. The are over 2,000 artists playing showcases all over the city. You have bands playing pop-up stages, record stores or even right in the street! And for the most […]

Best of Kanye West


Feature Image: Kanye West “Runaway” Music Video Kanye West’s new album “WAVES” (or whatever he ends up calling it) comes out this week! I’m pretty excited for some new Yeezy. He’s my favorite rappers. Not does he keep me wondering what he will come out with next…I hang on to every word he has to […]

7 Tips to Get Healthy in 2016!


Last year I met my goal of losing 100 pounds. The biggest thing I found was that without getting my diet right…it didn’t matter how much I exercised. That’s what kept me from losing weight in the past. This time around, I eased myself into it by removing the foods that were doing me the […]

3 Albums That Shaped My Life


In a world of “you’re only as good as you’re last single”, I still enjoy listening to full albums. I remember growing up and going to Hastings (entertainment super store) to get a new album on the day it came out. I would breathe in that new paper smell while studying the lyrics and liner […]